I'm a writer, speaker and advocate in earth activism. What I'm up to at the moment is mostly Mission LifeForce, co-founded in November 2017 with ecocide law expert Polly Higgins. This hugely exciting global campaign was an intense couple of years in preparation which is why my own website (this one) is woefully out of date right now. A new one will be coming soon.

Locally, I'm also known for my work on this anti-incinerator campaign: No Monster Incinerator in Gloucestershire (NoMoInGlo).

I also spend a lot of time being a mother, an occupation in its own right and a challenging work-in-progress. I believe the way we bring up our children will directly influence whether they live (and we grow old) in a peaceful world.

Heritage: Indian (Parsi), German, Irish and English. My grandfathers were religious leaders (one Buddhist, one Christian), my grandmothers were an actress and a radical leftwing doctor, and my parents are musicians, writers and teachers.

Background: I have a first class degree from Oxford (Mod Langs 1996), a masters from London (Anthropology 1999); I've designed computers, toys, clothing and furniture; I've run companies, educational tours and parents groups and spent years as an armchair activist and researcher with particular focus on environmental, health and children's concerns.

I believe in freedom based on a principle of "first, do no harm".  


I take action where I see it is needed, according to my particular (rather motley bag of) skills. This is something I believe we can all do, if we only give ourselves permission.

My approach is a bit like Ready Steady Cook: "here are the ingredients available, you have this amount of time to create and execute a recipe...". This is how I ended up putting all the MPs on legal notice (see Actions). I'm also a big believer in following the white rabbit.


Because I care. As I believe many, many of us do.

The moment that got me out of my "activist's armchair" (happily signing petitions and sending emails) was my discovery of fracking in the spring of 2013.

My daughter overheard me talking about it and burst into floods of tears. "Why do people want to poison the ground and the water, Mummy? Don't they know they will get ill themselves? You have to call them Mummy and tell them to stop..." At 5 years old she had a clear understanding that harming the earth means harming ourselves, and wanted to know what I was going to do about it.

I realised I was being invited to step into the ability to respond - to my daughter, but also to her friends, and their friends... because after all it is from our children that we are borrowing this beautiful earth. Working to keep it free from harm feels a bit like being a parent - often challenging and frustrating, but lots of fun, and worth the effort like nothing else.

It also has the same moral imperative.

Harming a child is a crime. Knowingly or recklessly allowing a child to be harmed is a crime.
I believe that harming the earth is likewise a crime, and is beginning to be recognised as a crime. To recognise this is to act accordingly, as we would to protect our own and each others' children - which is exactly what we are doing.

My dearist wish is to return a healthy and thriving earth to my children - to all our children, and to theirs. This isn't an impossible mission, and it isn't somebody else's. It's mine
- and yours, should you choose to accept it.