I recently wrote this, and a number of people have asked me to put it up on the site, so (with thanks to Rudyard Kipling) here it is.

"If" revisited

If you can keep your heart when all about you
  Are losing heart or living in denial;
If you can trust yourself when others doubt you
  And greet their mistrust with an open smile;
If you can feel and not be scared of feeling,
  Or being wounded, do not deal in pain;
If you can face a truth that's unappealing
  And find the strength to look, and look again;

If you can dream - and make your dream your teacher;
  If you can think - and keep your thinking clear;
If you can meet with any living creature
  And treat them with respect and hold them dear;
If you can speak the truth in spite of rumour;
  If you can see the fear through the spin;
If you can keep your patience and good humour
  When those around you buckle and give in;

If you can set aside the need for winning
  Or who is in control and who is boss
And in yourself create a new beginning
  Where suffering is everybody's loss;
If you can honour air, and soil, and water
  And love the living land you walk upon;
If you can show your son and teach your daughter
  To do the same long after you are gone;

If you can know yourself to be the equal
  Of anybody you have ever met;
If you can know your story has a sequel,
  More beautiful, that isn't written yet;
If you can fill the day and month and season
  With true and ever clearer ways of seeing,
Yours is the Earth, by love, and rhyme, and reason
  And - which is more - you'll be a human being.

November 2015


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