Informing the public directly

Mainstream UK media are largely owned by a small handful of very wealthy people and, consciously or otherwise, tend to serve establishment interests. This means that, despite the best efforts of a number of journalists of integrity, the mainstream "feed" of information to the public can be (at best) woefully inadequate and (at worst) criminally misleading.

I feel that with some issues, for instance with fracking, the only way to adequately inform the public is to hand the information directly to them or post it through their letterboxes, in a format that is easily understandable to someone with no previous knowledge. This I feel is particularly important for those citizens unwilling or unable to research online for themselves.

"What does FRACKING mean?" leaflets

I therefore designed, crowd-funded for and produced a glossy A4 colour leaflet for precisely this purpose, and made it freely available to campaigning groups across the UK. 80,000 were distributed in May and June 2015, a further 80,000 over autumn 2015/winter 2016 and another 40,000 from summer 2016 onwards - in high streets, through letterboxes, in cafes, pubs and other public places, including 15,000+ in Lancashire. You can see images of the 4 pages here (recently updated): [page 1]   [page 2]   [page 3]   [page 4]

Funding further print runs

A further swathe of licences to extract oil and gas was announced in 2015 in the UK, and in May 2016 the first fracking application to be accepted here since 2011 was approved by North Yorkshire County Council at Kirby Misperton. In autumn 2016, the government overturned Lancashire County Council's refusal of permission to frack, ever since which a regular protection presence has been sustained around the Lancashire Cuadrilla site(s). So this information is more crucial than ever, especially in those threatened areas.

Four print runs (200,000 copies) have already gone out, and the fifth (smaller) run is still available, see here to request.

If you feel as I do that this information is important, please contribute here towards costs for the next print run.

The real national interest

The UK government is busy streamlining fracking applications on the basis that they are "in the national interest". But what is the national interest?

I consider it to be the health and wellbeing of those who live in this beautiful country, which I love and which is my home, and indeed the health and wellbeing of the land itself. Informing the public directly of the risks and harms of fracking - and any other dangerous practice - is therefore in the real national interest.